. . . the scent lasts forever . . .
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What Are Rosebeads?

How Are They Made?

Rosebeads  are made from wild rose petals,

or they can be made from  your own roses (any color rose). Rosebeads form a lasting and unique rememberance of special events – wedding, funeral, baptism etc.

The rose petals are ground in a mortar and pestal every day for fourteen days and then the paste is rolled into beads.

The beads on the left are raw and rough. The beads on the right have been sanded smooth.

You will enjoy wearing rosebeads and the heat of your body will cause the scent of roses to rise!

The scent lasts forever.

How to care for Rosebeads

Store your rosebeads in their own container away from moisture.
Do not wet the rosebeads (i.e. shower or swimming)
Once a year rub your rosebeads with rose oil or mineral oil.


Lisa Morton showed me the jewelry she is making for Rose Bead Jewelry. The necklaces are beautifully crafted and have the feel of something made with care. When I picked up the amethyst necklace with rose beads I was awestruck. I literally couldn’t put it down. The amethyst catches the light and sparkles; the rose beads are warm and smooth to the touch, with a sensuous soothing feel and a calming rose scent. I knew this amethyst necklace with rose beads was mine, and when I wear it, I feel happy. And beautiful.

Happy supporter of Rose Bead Heirlooms,
Sally Anderson

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. . . the scent lasts forever . . .